Chef Kani (Mr. Walter Lee) 's Background and Experience in Food Industry

Chef Walter Lee (Mr. Walter Lee), also known as "Chef Kani" was originally a Peranakan in Malaysian, country of diverse cultures. During childhood Chef Walter has lived with his grandmother, a well-known Chef of Peranakan food, whom he directly learned about foods. Later Chef Walter went to study in Japan and lived there for several years. There, he has been realized he love cooking and started learning about foods before moving to begin work in the United States for many years. After that he settle in Thailand. Chef Walter always travels to many countries and has the opportunities to taste exotic foods. He also studies history of national dishes of each country.

More than 20 years of associate in local and international of food industries. Chef Walter Lee has traveled to study and exchange the ideas with leading chefs worldwide. With knowledge of cultures of international cuisine, he was invited to consulate, lecture and instructor in vary institutions and universities.
Chef Walter is one of the committee of World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS), and a member of Chaine des Rotisseurs, an International Association of Gastronomy with more than 700 years’ experience in Europe.

Currently, Chef Walter Lee then direct to food industry and business with the position of director and CEO of Venturetec Marketing Company Limited, in concept of market and distribute high quality of frozen seafood to customer for both local and international. Including, entrepreneurial of over 70 restaurants in 21 countries worldwide; Coca Suki, Mango Tree Restaurant, Mango Tree Café, Mango Tree Bistro, Mango Chili and China White, the recognized Thai and Asia restaurant worldwide.

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