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To be the leading foods marketing company driving healthy and responsible living


To develop and promote healthy & sustainable food through partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations.



 Venturetec 360 To build and strive for an environment of profitable,

wholesome  dynamic and healthy  existence in the Venturetekkers’

(what we call ourselves) universe


Affiliated Business


The V School Culinary School
Started in 2002 by Chef Walter Lee because of his passion for the world culinary
delights through his travels around the globe and to propagate his personal style
of classical and contemporary cooking, "cheffing" and "restauranting".

The V School is a boutique culinary management institute (a boutique cooking school/culinary school)
specializing in the art and science of primarily Japanese,Thai and other Asian Cuisines, operated by a
group of professionals and food aficionados that adores the classics, yet always ready to challenge new culinary boundaries.



“ZY MOVEMENT FOUNDATION” (ZMF) was founded by Mr. Walter Lee, is an  NGO (Non Government Organization)
focusing on specifically improving the general quality of life of the children with physical disability in the areas of 
locomotion and their families and surrounding. More generally, bringing also awareness and better understanding
to the public, hence moving towards a more barrier-free society, physically,
environmentally, mentally and spiritually in Thailand and South East Asia.





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