Wasabi-O, Wasabi Powder 1.24 Oz (35 g) The ideal not only with Japanese cuisine, Sushi, Salmon and Sashimi, but also other forms of Seafood, Grilled meats and Vegetarian dishes

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"Wasabi" is also refer to as "King of herbs" due to its healthful qualities including an antioxidant, among many other.

Healthful qualities. after year of research & development, we uses special proprietary technology to presser to pungency in fresh grated wasabi and control the consistency of its quality, finally come out with a "wasabi-o, wasabi powder".


1. Put 4 teaspoonful of wasabi powder in small bowl.

2. Add 3 teaspoonful of water and mix well.

3. Place container upside down and wait 1 minute for maximum hotness.

Product Description

  • ♥ Great value: Wasabi Powder made with Real Wasabi, Horseradish and Mustard powder
  • ♥ Wasabi Powder brand Wasabi-O :Those who are vegetarian and vegan can eaten.Because wasabi powder is processed using only fresh ingredients with quality control standards.
  • ♥ How to use: Wasabi Powder that can be eaten with Japanese foods or European and every savoury menu.
  • ♥ Occasion: Cookout every years then with Wasabi Powder! whether it's for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or as a Main meal, Appetizer, Dessert, even Beverages, you can enjoy Wasabi-o. and Fancy Housewarming Gift or Great Fever Gifts.or Special Gift.
  • ♥ SIZE: Can : 5 * 2.5 CM, Wight 35 g/can, design can be use to any occasion,convenient carry and easy to use.

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