Tricks in Eating Wasabi, Japanese style

Tricks in Eating Wasabi, Japanese style




We have often seen chefs in Japanese restaurants serving Wasabi separately with shoyu sauce. Each person usually has their own different style in eating Wasabi. But have you ever wondered on how the Japanese eat it? Today, we have a few Japanese Wasabi eating tricks, to share with you.

Eating Wasabi Japanese style, is to place a small portion of it on the sushi, or on the food that is to be eaten, and then dip it in shoyu sauce. This method will make the scent and taste of the Wasabi to help bring out the sweetness and freshness of the ingredients. The usual practice of dissolving the Wasabi in shoyu sauce will make it lose its original taste and become too salty.

But whether it is put on, or taken separately, or dissolved in shoyu sauce, there is actually no definite right or wrong way. What we have just mentioned above is just a little trick which we would like to share with you. We just want you to be happy and enjoy your meals.

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