Applying wasabi sauce to just any menu, is just equally delicious

Applying wasabi sauce to just any menu, is just equally delicious



Umm……besides Japanese food, what else can wasabi be used to be eaten with? In general, wasabi, which can be easily found in general stores, is mostly taken as a condiment to be eaten with Japanese food, the most popular menu items, include sushi and sashimi. Many people may be attracted to the taste of wasabi, but if you wanted to purchase a bottle of wasabi for your home, you might be scratching your head and wondered on what other uses I can do with wasabi. If i wanted to cook up a dish, i can’t seem to think of anything. Just the usual practice of dissolving it in Shoyu sauce has become just too boring.

Well, we have a solution for people who are tired of the same old typical wasabi. Why don’t you try the wasabi-sauce from wasabi-o, which has a slight sour taste and a tinge of spiciness, which is the taste that Thais are accustomed to. It still retains its original spiciness and “Nasally Pungent” aroma in its entirety, and it also fits well with various types of food and not just only with Japanese food. The wasabi-sauce is also compatible with seafood, either as a dip, or mixed with seafood sauce. Either way, it’s just simply uniquely delicious.

For those of you who would like to try it on western style menus, for example, we recommend grilled salmon topped  with wasabi-sauce cream. It’s just a matter of adding wasabi-  sauce to the cream sauce. We will get a slight tangy taste with a tinge of spiciness combined with the mellowness of the cream sauce, which blends with the salmon perfectly.

However, if one prefers Thai-style spiciness, you should try converting the wasabi-sauce to become an integral ingredient in various types of yum (Thai-style salads), which is a new type of spiciness which can get everybody hooked on. As i said, wasabi-sauce is equally delicious when applied to any menu.


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