Wasabi is more Efficient in Helping Hair Growth

Wasabi Fresh
Wasabi Helping Hair Growth
Fresh Wasabi

         Calling all thin-haired young men, you have to read about this. Did you know that the spicy nasally pungent Fresh Wasabi is 3 times more efficient in helping hair growth than any other medications? And what’s better is that, you don’t even have to eat it!

          Recently, a team of researchers from a leading Wasabi manufacturer discovered that, the leaves of the Wasabi plant contained a compound called isosaponarin. It had the ability to stimulate the papilla cells, the cells of which are responsible for our hair growth. The isosaponarin compound is a chemical that is similar to what is available in the market, but is found to be 3 times more potent, but more importantly, this chemical needs to be in direct contact with the papilla cells to make it work efficiently. Therefore, it is not effective if it is eaten.

          But don’t go rushing out to buy it and apply the Wasabi to your heads just yet. Be patient. The results of the findings also stated that, if you want it to work effectively and have no side effects, the Wasabi to be used must be genuinely 100 percent from Japan, or else it could cause serious harm to your scalp.


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