How to Creats Happiness for Food

How To Create Happiness For Food


1. BBQ Wasabi Sauce

Order BBQ Delivery to eat, but tired of BBQ sauce. What should I do ? Try to dipping BBQ with Wasabi-O, "Wasabi sauce" We are endoresed that a good taste. With the taste is slightly sour and spicy of wasabi sauce by wasabi-o. Fragrant nasally assure you will be bored BBQ sauce here we go. Who wants to try this recipe be easy. Just you order Wasabi sauce on "". Search "Wasabi-O, Wasabi Sauce" Click to confirm the purchase and make payment. Just this, get a new taste!!. Prepare for this, you will enjoy the taste you will not forget.

2. Enjoy Chip and Dip

Chip and Dip with Wasabi-O, Wasabi mayonnaise. Enjoy your brunch, or mini-break, Mayo or Wasabi Mayonnaise it excellent with on Salads, Sanwiches, French Fries and bring to hold new dimension to Mayonnaise. .This Duo will never fail you happy day or night. 

3. Samurai Pizza with Wasabi-O Sauce

For those of you who would like to try it on western style menus. We recommend you try to add more spice to your Pizza. This the new alternative to eat the Pizza. You will get the taste of the new pizza that is hot and spicy, salty and Yummy. We challenge you to try !!!! 


4. Mixed Veggies salad with Wasabi-O Wasabi Mayonnaise

If you want to eat salad. I will recommend healthy menu. Mixed Fruit&Veggies salad with Wasabi-O Wasabi Mayonnaise nutritious advantages and delicious! Just a piece of cake.

Wasabi-mayo, can be taken with several main dishes, wasabi-mayo can also be adapted perfectly to making snacks that possesses a slightly sweet&Salty taste.

Fruit&Veggies salad with wasabi mayonnaise dressing, is a refreshing snack menu, rich in vitamins from fresh fruits&vegetable and the full nutritious advantages of wasabi. It is simply easy to prepare and can be adjusted according to the variety of seasonal fruits.

In terms of fruits, it is recommended to use different colored fruits such as green apples, grapes, strawberries, kiwi, carrots, dragon fruit, tomatoes, or any other fruits that you might like. It can also be supplemented with salad vegetables, such as lettuce or rocket lettuce. cut them into bite-sized portions, mix in the lemon wasabi salad dressing. It is simply very refreshing when served cold on a hot summer day.



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