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A Menu suggestion for Late-Nighters, the Wasabi Super Sauce


Who likes to sleep late, please make some noise! Whether you’re watching a movie, a series, or a football match, there is a chance that you might nod off occasionally. In order to remedy this, several late-nighters would go in search of a snack. The snack of choice for football or series fans, is usually potato chips. Although there are many flavors to choose from in the market, but to snack on purely potato chips bought from convenience stores are pretty downright boring. Why not add a little finesse to your snacks with the “Wasabi Super Sauce” dipping sauce, which can be prepared easily by yourselves. Late-nighters will definitely get hooked.


Just choose your product online at, by searching for “Wasabi-O”. You will find a dipping sauce mixture with a new taste. Just mix Wasabi sauce with Wasabi mayo, add chopped chili and garlic to it. The resulting taste should be slightly tangy with a tinge of spiciness. If you have a sweet tooth, you can add more Wasabi mayo to make it more sweeter. This Wasabi Super sauce is nasally pungent and combined to produce a dipping sauce which can perfectly keep you awake. We guarantee its addictiveness that you will find hard to stop.


Not only is it a dip for just potato chips, it can also be taken with fried shrimp or nuggets. And for those who want to further enhance the taste, you can change out the Wasabi mayo to yogurt or sour cream, which will definitely add a little more aroma. With the power of Wasabi Super Sauce, it’s sure to guaranteed that you would have already finished watching the whole series season without realizing it.


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