Crab Stick with Wasabi sauce

Crab Stick with Wasabi sauce

Snacks for regulars, convenience stores are inevitable, "crab sticks" of the likes of many people, both young and old. That can be said to be eaten anywhere, anytime, being eaten shoyu or even dipping seafood it’s equally delicious. Usually, we eat crab sticks and soy sauce mixed with wasabi. They have to buy both shoyu and wasabi.

The taste is normally. It is also difficult because having to buy 2 bottles of sauce. We offer a solution with wasabi sauce. From Wasabi-O can be easily delicious in one bottle because of wasabi sauce this has been developed to adjust the taste to match the seafood a little sour, a little spicy, and the smell of wasabi. This fits well with a variety of menu.

Just bring the crab sticks, please dip into the wasabi sauce. The aroma and spicy taste of wasabi sauce make you feel sweet taste from crab sticks, giving a mellow taste, while maintaining the flavor of wasabi completely Try once and be fascinated.

But if anyone is stuck with the same taste can drop into the shoyu give you feel classic. If you want to add a spicy taste more than you can try to wasabi sauce mixed with Seafood sauces eat with tightly crabs sticks and cold drinks. Delicious and can be applied in many menu.


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