3 French Fries and Seafood Dipping Sauces Recipes

3 French Fries and Seafood Dipping Sauces Recipes

Dipping sauce, dipping sauce that needs to be paired with a dining table in many meals, even if it is an Is an menu such as grilled chicken, grilled beef, grilled pork neck is indispensable.

But as the ancient word once said "Eat old cup chili for a long time and have to be bored."

Today, there is a secret to adding flavor to the traditional sauce. Become a “Super hot sauce” with fresh.

       1.“ Spicy sauce “ wasabi paste from Wasabi-O


       1.Wasabi paste   2   tablespoon                     2.Seasoning sauces   5       tablespoon

       3.Oyster sauce   2    tablespoon                    4.Pepper                    1       tablespoon

       5.Palm sugar     1     tablespoon                    6.Water                     5       tablespoon

       7.Salt                1      teaspoon                       8.Coriander root       1       teaspoon



        2. “Super sauce“ Wasabi Mayonnaise and Wasabi Sauce from Wasabi-O


        1.Wasabi Sauce           1 tablespoon

        2.Wasabi Mayonnaise 3 tablespoon

        3.Chopped garlic         1 tablespoon

        4.Chopped chili           1 tablespoon



           3. “ Hot sauce “ Wasabi Sauce from Wasabi-O


            1.Wasabi Sauce                    1              tablespoon

            2.Chopped chili                     1              tablespoon

            3.Chopped garlic                  1              tablespoon

           4.Root coriander                   5              root.

The best of all, "3 recipes of french fries and seafood dipping sauce" Do not hide! Which formula is really good to eat with what you like? Like any recipe, try to eat it. Can increase or decrease the spicy as you like.

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