The difference between Real wasabi and Horseradish.

The difference between Wasabi and Horseradish.

As sushi and other Japanese food gain popularity worldwide, wasabi is becoming common and popular in many countries. Wasabi’s spiciness and fragrance are unique in that they produce a lively  sensation tingling in the nose. But do you know that over 95% of the wasabi consummed today has no wasabi at all?

"WASABI" is referred to as "King of Condiment" due to its healthful qualities including anti-bacterial properties, etc. The unique characteristic is the "Sinus Clearing Effect" which is not similar to chiki or pepper, but can enhance and spice up the flavor of the food, besides also having tons of health-giving properties.

1)       Hon Wasabi / Real Wasabi

There is only Hon Wasabi or real wasabi has lot of health and beauty benefits as the following

    • Kills different types of cancer cells
    • Stops the multiplication of human stomach cancer cells
    • Reduces the possibility of getting blood clots
    • Encourages the body’s own defenses to discard cells that have started to mutate
    • Acts as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent against food poisons
    • Prevents tooth decay
    • Antioxidant

The color is lighter and texture coarse more than horseradish, The taste of real wasabi comes out while grating in. a circular against a coarse surface (tranditionally shark skin has been used) Real wasabi is never too pungant.

2)       Horseradish: plant, which is in the same family as mustard and wasabi.The grated root can be used fresh, or it can be dried or powdered. One of the biggest benefits of horseradish is that it adds a big burst of flavor while having very few calories and no fat. There are only 4 calories in 1 teaspoon of prepared horseradish.

The color is darker and fine texture more than real wasabi. Horseradish is often used to make artificial wasabi by mixing with mustard powder, flour and food coloring, which gives a more spicy, pungent flavor than real wasabi.

Now that you are aware of the difference, We invite you to discover your epicurean journey into the world of wasabi beyound that of just Japanese cuisine.


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