Jor Pak Kard

Jor Pak Kard (Northern Style Chinese Cabbage Soup )


300 g of chinese cabbage cut into pieces | 4 cups of water | 5 stick of Crab Stick | cup of fish sauce | 100 g of pork belly

cut into pieces | 3 of dried chilli (cut into pieces) | 100 g of pork ribs | 3 tablespoons of shred shallot | 2 teaspoons of grind rotten

beans | 2-3 tablespoons of tamarind juice | 10 pcs of dry lily flower | 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil


1. Soak lily flower until soft, Cut Crab Stick into pieces and tied with a flower in the middle.

2. Simmer pork ribs and pork belly until tender. Add Chinese cabbage and seasoning with fish sauce, rotten beans and tamarind juice.

Boiled until vegetable soft and then add Crab Stick (no.1) boil it until boiling. Set aside

3. Fried chilli until crispy set aside. Then fried shallot until crispy add in a pot (no.2) and stir well.

4. A serving bowl, decorate with fried chill.

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