Num Pachok Kari Sacg Moan with Kani

Num Pachok Kari Sacg Moan with Kani


150 g of Crab Stick | 650 g of chicken cut into pieces | 150 g of rice noodles |  cup of scald bean sprout |  cup of peppermint | 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil | 1 tablespoon of mince garlic | 2 tablespoons of mince shallots | 2 tablespoons of mince lemongrass | 1 tablespoon of curry powder | 3 tablespoon of fish sauce | 1 teaspoon of salt | 2 tablespoons of palm sugar | 2 teaspoons of grind black pepper | 150 g of potato cut into square pieces | 1 cup of coconut cream | 6 cups of water | “WASABI-O” Red


1. Fried with garlic, lemon grass, onion and curry powder until fragrant and put into the pot.

2. Add water into the pot and stir well until boiling then add chicken, coconut cream and potato until boiled. Seasoning with fish sauce, salt, palm sugar and black pepper, reduce heat and simmer potato until chicken soft and cooked.

3. Blanch rice noodles and put in bowl then mix it with vegetable oil.

4. Add Crab Stick , sprout and peppermint in a bowl, fill soup and chicken (no.2) server with “WASABI-O” Red.

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