Hippo style Daging Dendeng

Hippo style Daging Dendeng


Fried “Hippo” Original Recipe Frozen Dough | “Wasabi-O” Wasabi Mayonnaise | 1 kg of beef thigh | 2 pieces of lemon grass cut into pieces and slightly crushed | 1 piece of ginger thin slice into 1 inch piece | 5 of shallot cut into half | 30 g of tamarind juice | 2 of star anise | 2 tablespoons of ketchup | 2 teaspoons of salt | 70-90 g of palm sugar | 1 cup of oil from fried shallots | fried shallots | water | red chilli for decorate | vegetable for decorate

Ingredient of chilli paste

15-16 g of dried chilli (sliced and soaked) | 100 g of shallot | 3-4 cloves of garlic | 3 of lemon grass


1. Add 6 cups of water, beef, lemon grass, ginger and shallot in a pot, Boiled about 1 hours. Scoop up beef to drain and cool, cut into thick slices about 1 cm, slightly crushed

2. Pound ingredient of chilli paste to mix well

3. Pre fried beef (No.1) add chilli paste, star anise, ? cup of water and boiled about 10 minute. Season with palm sugar, ketchup, salt and tamarind juice, then boiled to dry.

4. Scoop ingredient (No.3) add to “Hippo” Original Recipe Frozen Dough, Sprinkle with fried shallot, red chilli serve with “Wasabi-O” Wasabi Mayonnaise and vegetable.

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