Pandan Chicken

Pandan Chicken


“Wasabi-O” Wasabi Red | 500 g of chicken cut into pieces | 6-7 g of ginger cut into small pieces | 6-7 g of galangal cut into small pieces | 20 g of garlic 

| 40 g of shallot | 1 piece of lemon grass | 1 tablespoon of curry powder | 1 teaspoon of salt | Pandan leaf | Vegetable oil (for fried)


1.Pound ginger, galangal, garlic, shallot, lemon grass, curry powder and salt to mix well.

2.Fermented chicken with paste (No.1) about 1-2 hours. (can add water if too dry.)

3.Wrap chicken (No.2) with pandan leaf.

4.Set vegetable oil in a pan with medium heat, and then fried chicken (No.3) until cooked. Set aside, Serve with “Wasabi-O” Wasabi Red

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