What is WASABI? 
WASABI (Wasabia japonica syn. Eutrema japonica) is a member of the Brassicaceae (Cruciferae) family and it is an indigenous herb of Japan. It is the same family as cabbage and in Japanese writing (kanji characters) means “Mountain Hollyhock” as the leaves look like Hollyhock. It is a perennial which grows about knee high and have one main root (rhizome) and various little roots – normally the main root (rhizome) will be used as Grated WASABI.

There are only 3 plants in the world that have similar pungency,

Of the above 3 plants, WASABI is the most expensive as it is the most difficult to grow. WASABI can be cultivated as ground-grown or water-grown. The water grown plants produce a higher quality product than the ground grown plants, but the price is very expensive due to its very difficult growing requirements.

Health Benefit of Real WASABI 
WASABI has been grown and eaten in Japan for centuries as it is believed that the regular consumption of WASABI improves the health and fights off a large number of illnesses.

Several researches have shown that the active natural components in WASABI are able to:
- Kill different types of cancer cells
- Stop the multiplication of human stomach cancer cells
- Reduce the possibility of getting blood clots
- Encourage the bodies own defenses to discard cells that have
started to mutate
- Act as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent against food poisons
- Prevent tooth decay

Difference between Natural Wasabi Paste and Wasabi Powder 
Many consumers understand that wasabi powder is made from real wasabi in much the same way that other root spices, such as turmeric or ginger are dried and pulverized. In fact, wasabi powder is only imitation wasabi as its consists of horseradish mixed with mustard powder, starch, additives and food color, it does not contain any real wasabi ingredient. The pungency is easier to evaporate than the paste and has none of the health and medicinal value of real wasabi, hence its relatively low price.

“Natural Wasabi Paste” is produced from real wasabi rhizome and hence has the same health benefits and unique flavor of fresh grated wasabi. Its hotness is quickly dissipated through your nose, but leaving a sweet aftertaste with no burning sensation. Natural wasabi paste can be used without adding water like wasabi powder. Consumer can easily notice if it is produced from real wasabi rhizome from 2 main points:

- Real wasabi rhizome normally has black dots on its skin, but horseradish doesn’t, so natural wasabi paste will have black dots randomly found in them.
- Natural wasabi paste has a fibrous texture of wasabi rhizome as it has been grated, but wasabi powder has a smooth texture after mixing with water.

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