Malaysian Kani Curry Puff


Malaysian Kani Curry Puff

Ingredient for stuffed dough sheet
200g. of all purpose flour | 130g. of limewater | 1/ 4 tsp. of salt | 35g. of vegetable oil | 1 tbsp. of sugar

Sift flour, sugar, cooking oil, salt, and limewater and thresh flour till soften. Cut dough into 20 pieces

Dough ingredients inside
160g. of wheat flour | 60g. of vegetable oil

Sift the flour, add oil, thresh it and cut into 20 pieces

Ingredients of filling
“KANI SUPREME” | 300g. of beef cattle, cut into small pieces or grinded | 200g. of fried onions (square shape) | 200g. of boiled potatoes, cut into cubes | 1 tbsp. of coarse salt | 50g. of sugar | 1tbsp. of curry powder | 1tbsp. of soy sauce | 1tbsp. of chopped coriander root | 2tbsp. of vegetable oil

1. Cooked chopped coriander and stir fry beef with onions in a hot pan till cooked. Add potatoes and flavor with curry powder, sugar, salt, and soy sauce and put “KANI SUPREME”.
2. Stretch outer crust and cover inner flour thoroughly
3. Roll dough into long shape and repeat the same process 3 times
4. Cut dough into two pieces. Press and stretch into round shape
5. Scoop the filling in middle and fold pleats nicely
6. Fry with medium heat till flour is cooked and serve

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