Chilli Crab

Chilli Crab


4 pieces “Hippo” Original Recipe Frozen Dough | 450 g. Sea Crabs | 3 tablespoons minced garlic | 3 tablespoons chopped red chili |
1 egg | Spring onion, cut into piece 2 stalks | 1 teaspoon lime juice | Vegetable oil

Ingredients of sauce
1 cup of water | 5 tablespoons of ketchup | 2 tablespoons of sugar | 1 teaspoons of corn starch | 1 teaspoon of bean paste | ? teaspoon of salt


1. Mix all the sauce ingredients together.
2. Clean sea crabs, set aside and chop into pieces.
3. Stir garlic about 1 minute, add chilli until fragrant. Add sea crab and stir until becoming to red
4. Add sauce [no.1] and stir well. Close the lid until cooked. Then add egg and fried until cooked. Add lime juice, stir well.
5. Take “Hippo” Original Recipe Frozen Dough from the fridge, Pan fried without oil, serve with chilli crab.


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